Infographic: Domino’s The Pizza King

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Written By John Hatcher
John Hatcher is a marketing consultant who has spent 13 years working with small and medium size businesses to scale growth.  He stacks business and tech experience to create unique opportunities for businesses.

Domino's Pizza

This infographic was based on the article, “Domino’s: King of the Pizza Game.”

It is pretty clear that hands down, Domino’s is dominating the pizza game. Running way ahead of Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa Murphy’s, Domino’s has inched its way to the top by becoming the leading pizza chain in the United States.

A combination of sound marketing strategies and a great workforce is responsible for Domino’s’ success. The pizza company made $3.2 billion in global retail sales in 2019 alone.

This infographic titled “Domino’s: The Pizza King” explores the timeline of Domino’s success as an international pizza chain and takes a look at a few key strategies that cemented the company’s success.

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